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Dealer Logisitics Support

“Let Metro manage IT"

Large Deployments of Equipment

Metro’s three founders have extensive experience executing large complex deliveries.

Since 2008 they have successfully:

  • Completed the roll out of 15 independent orders, each with over 500 (7,500+ machines)
  • Created deployment guides that were vetted by GSA security teams and used successfully nationally.
  • Utilized manufacturer resources and 3rd party programs to create an image of the settings and generate a clone which sped up the setup process and ensured consistency between units.

Our process of setup, training, scheduling and executing allows for a seamless deployment of equipment and solutions specially catered to the demands of large clients. There is no better team to ensure a successful launch of your biggest contracts.

Complete Delivery Process

Our experiences with completing large deliveries carried over to our approach to everyday deliveries. We successfully developed a process to collect, configure and test each machine with a customer’s information, including address books, IP information, scan settings, and CAC/PIV access solutions. When we were upgraded from another manufacturer, we created a process to capture this same information and preload into the new equipment.   

We invested time into training our delivery team to trouble shoot issues, do basic walk up training, install print drivers, load firmwareremove hard drives, and work with internal staff as needed to address every possible issue that may arise during delivery 

Contact us today and we can help improve your delivery process, improve your customer's experience and cut down on your delivery expenses.