Dealer Operations Support As-A Service

Metro’s founders spent decades growing a small fax dealership into a high performing technology focused company. In the highly competitive market of Washington DC we were able to grow the business and realize strong net income. Specializing in major accounts, we were head to head with manufactures in every sale. We proved over and over you don’t have to be a manufacture to deliver excellent support at any scale. To accomplish this our support staff had to be lean, nimble and highly effective.

Our proven process is a differentiator in your market place and breath of fresh air for your staff and customers. We are an extension of your existing staff focused on handling all administrative requirements of intensive and noisy function of ordering, processing and scheduling a sale. Our unique process provides your customer with a impactful experience, sales reps visibility and your admin staff a chance to focus onother things.

We provide order, consistency, and discipline to the complex sales order process!

  • Metro provides a dedicated Single Point of Contact (SPOC) who manages the entire process for the customer and the rep- bringing high touch support without a high price.
  • Reps managing the order process impacting productivity? We provide you and the customer with an industry seasoned single point of contact (SPOC).
  • Scheduling and Logistics is handled from start to finish without disrupting your reps or other admin positions.
  • Realtime updates from a live person for both the customer and internal staff.
  • Stop following a delivery truck with an IT Technician, the SPOC’s are trained to gather pertinent information BEFORE you deliver, so your setup team can create a true plug and print solution. 
  • Stop the interruptions of a rep “ping ponging” around the office.
  • Maintain control of the building and warehousing of your valuable assets.

Benfits of Dealer Operations Support As-A Service for your company?

  • Fixed per order cost so you know exactly what to factor into your pricing.
  • Removing the daily noise empowers support staff to be impactful in other parts of your business.
  • Expenses are aligned with your company’s real-time production.

Call today to discuss how the Metro can remotely run your routine operations.

"Let Metro manage IT"