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Operations As-A Service

“Let Metro manage IT"

Providing order, consistency, and discipline to the complex sales order process! 

Metro’s founders spent decades managing the growth of a fax dealership into a high performing technology focused company. In the competitive market of Washington, D.C. we expanded the business and realized a consistently strong net income.

Specializing in major accounts, we competed with manufacturers every sale. We proved time and again that you don’t have to be a manufacturer to deliver excellent support. To accomplish this our support staff had to be lean, nimble and highly effective.

Our proven process is a differentiator in your market-place and a breath of fresh air for your staff and customers. We are an extension of your existing staff, focused on handling all the intensive administrative requirements of ordering, processing and scheduling a sale. Our unique process provides your customer with a quality experience, allowing your sales reps and admin staff to focus on more important tasks.

Q: Are your Sales Reps frustrated with having to “baby sit” an order?

A: Metro provides a dedicated Single Point of Contact (SPOC) who manages the entire process for the Customer and the Sales Rep, bringing high-touch support without a high price.

Q: Is your Admin staff screaming for help but profit doesn’t support the expense?

A: Metro can add resources with experienced Admin support which provides your staff with workload consistency and time to support other parts of your business.

Q: Do I have to share or give up my customer data?

A: We work inside your E-automate and other systems to be a true extension of your staff. Metro does not retain your customer data, transaction information, or any other proprietary data concerning your business.

Q: Is your support staff running the business through email distribution lists and their inbox?

A: Metro’s process provides visibility into all aspects of the delivery as well as alerts for missing items or stalled events, allowing the support staff to follow a deliveries current status.

Q: Do you see your Sales reps “ping-ponging" around the office trying to determine the status of an order?

A: We configure your workflow to provide real-time updates to your Sales reps and Customers as the order progresses. For Sales reps who prefer to talk to a person rather than receiving constant email updates, our SPOC’s are available to directly answer questions. 

Q: Are you tired of having your technicians chasing the delivery truck?

A: Metro has a proven Process that ensures all the required solution information is captured and presented to your setup team PRIOR to delivery. Each machine is delivered fully set up for a true plug-in experience for your customer. Invest time in training your Setup & Delivery Team to confirm the requested features and troubleshoot connectivity issues on a machine before delivery. This process will dramatically improve your customers’ experience.

Benifits of Dealer Operations Support As-A Service for your company?

  • Fixed per order cost so you know exactly what to factor into your pricing.
  • Empowering the support staff to be impactful in other parts of your business.
  • Expenses are aligned with your company’s real-time production.

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“Let Metro manage IT"