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Outsourced CIO

“Let Metro manage IT"

Want the benefits of having a dedicated CIO without having to hire one?

Our outsourced CIO services can help direct, plan, and manage your company’s technology infrastructure and operations. We will provide an experienced hand right when you need it most. IF your business expanded, but you’re not ready to hire a fulltime Chief Information Officer, our Outsourced CIO service may be the right fit for you.



Outsourced CIO Services Makes for Smart Business

By investing in outsourced CIO solutions, you put your company's complex information technology infrastructure into educated, experienced, and capable hands. Our management team here at Metro Managed Services will develop a strategy for your business that will provide superior management, improve your infrastructure, rely on current technologies, and reduce costs.

If you use Outsourced IT services from one of the many manged service providers in the DC marketplace, you undoubtedly have been offered outsourced CIO services from the same company. This conflict of interest leaves your business exposed and could potentially jeopardize your long-term growth strategy. The team at Metro ran a successful MSP for years and can provide you the accountability and honest feedback necessary to make these engagements work. Outsourcing IT does not have to be painful, scary or limiting.

Benefits include:

• A big-picture vision and experience in creating a comprehensive IT strategy

• Knowledge of technology and continuity of those technologies with your business applications

• A track record of helping companies improve their productivity and lower their costs

• IT project implementation planning beyond the hardware or software plan. 

• Ensuring that your people and processes are trained and in place to make your plan a success and to move your business forward

• Support for planning annual IT budgets

• Scalable options for your changing business

• Current trends and efficiencies in IT infrastructure