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Vendor Management

“Let Metro manage IT"

The team at Metro has extensive experience negotiating with and managing the essential vendors that every business needs. If you’re working hard to grow your company’s revenue, but recurring expenses are unchecked, you’re likely losing profit. 

Engaging with Metro for a Vendor Assessment does not cost you anything. The upside is increased profit with little effort. In some cases savings can be realized in as little as 30 days. Our background in technology management, business operations and project management will benefit your organization. 

Q: Have you been using the same vendors for years without reviewing your invoices?

A: Business and technologies evolve and what was a good deal a year ago may be a bad deal today. 

Q: Do we have to change vendors? 

A: NO, Metro is not looking to change your vendors, only to ensure your company is getting the most out of your valuable resources. 

Q: How much time can you expect our assesment process to take? 

A: Our Assessment process is very easy. Simply provide us the location of your invoices and we can do the rest. Very little time is required from your staff for the assessment.